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Frequency of report ...

I came into work today and check on Twine ... it said that the "Last report" was 66min ago!! Last night when finishing up work it was refreshing every 60 seconds ... how do you set the frequency? We actually need it to be checking the temp in the room every 5 or 10min ...


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  • It has now been 3 hours since the "last Report" - is this normal or what?!
  • I often have 3 hours upto 22 or more hours since last report


  • No kidding! That sort of defeats the purpose of "monitoring" something - LOL!
  • Maybe if more people complain about the networking issues they will decide to prioritize them.  Have you gone to

  • My problem with lack of reporting was fixed with Radio update 15 November.  Now it monitors a MRI helium compressor updating every minute or less.  It is running on batteries now for almost 3 weeks, I put 3V AA's in parallel with the internal batteries.  Now the 2 AAA, and the 2AA are down to about 2.99V.  We will see Steve Stofiel

    May 6, 2013

  • I read somewhere that it only 'reports' on change. So if you have a reed relay (the 'is it open' sensor) it will only report when the doors state has changed, saving battery. If the temperature hasn't changed I'm guessing it won't need to 'update'.
    Also keep in mind there seems to be a 30 updates an hour limit for some methods of communication (email text and tweets I think off the top of my head). No idea if either of these fit your project but thought it worth a mention.
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