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Going back to default settings / connect twine to new account / delete account

I'm going to give my Twine to a friend, but don't want my
information linked to it. How do I clear all the account information
linked to my Twine, so it is basically a clean slate for a new owner?

This has been asked in several posts, marked as "Answered," but I can't find an answer.....Ay help much appriciated.


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  • I've got an answer from the people @ supermechanical earlier today, just thought it nice to share it here:
    From: Twine Help
    Subject: Any way to register one Twine to a new Account?

    Hi Guido,
    We have to manually delete Twines from their old account before they can be added to a new account.  To get a Twine deleted from an account, we need the original owner of the Twine to email us from the email address their account was set up with to request we delete their Twine.
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