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New feature - low battery warning!

I just updated my rules and received an email saying:
"My batteries are running low. Please change them within a few days.  - the Twine named [name]"

Also "vibration
now shows up in the dashboard. Thanks.


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  • How did you do that?  The battery level.  I don't see that option...
  • The battery notice has been in several firmwares back; the unit will tell you when they drop into a voltage range indicating they have a reasonable period of life remaining. If you're in 'slow' update mode, they'll last a week or more after that. If the twine is in high update mode, they'll run down sooner, but the Twine does a good job of staying out of high speed mode unless you put it there.

    You will want to be sure to check any spam filters and such for the alert; the first time I got mine it was just below the threshold my personal antispam system uses to  score incoming mails. You may get a notice that gets caught in your junk folder. Or, your batteries just haven't run down there yet :)

  • Sean, I was discussing something new on the dashboard. If you let your cursor hover over the the word "battery", you'll see the voltage show up. What's new is the little meter-type display to the right of the word.
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