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No support for multiple sensors even with splitter

I have seen the other discussions here in the forum on multiple sensors, so I just had to try it. I built a splitter which works fine in itself. You can actually add several sensors to the splitter, but only the first connected will be correctly identified. They will then act as two sensors of the same sort, which may be fine in certain circumstances, but often probably not.

I connected the moisture sensor first (which was correctly identified). Nothing happened when I later added the breakout board. When I closed the circuit on the breakout board, the moisture sensor became "wet", and the rule for that sensor was applied (they are all basically just 0/1 contacts anyway).

Everything was exactly the same if I did in the reverse order, with the exception that it was presented as the breakout board.

Can we hope for support for this in the future? Should work, since it is basically just 1-wire IDs.

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