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Help me to let TWINE talk to my DOMOTICA

I bought Twine mainly to get my home domotica system able to send me mail (or sms) messages when certain events occur.  As I understand it now I wont be be able to use the breakout board  to read my 1-10V modules (they give 1-10 V for a specified time) as long as there isn't an update to let the breakout board read analogue values?  I was thinking about setting up a rule when the breakout board circuit is closed and the opened and then closed for a certain amount of time to send a certain email.  I need at least 10 (and I would like a 100) different rules (like burglary detected or window is opened......) and I need the twine to understand different values or anything through the breakout board .  I can send all kind of electrical signals from the domotica system.  Anyone any ideas how I can achieve this?

I was thinking about the rule when the breakout is closed for 10 seconds to send a certain mail.  Ant then another rule for when it is closed 12 seconds..... But when I close it for 10 seconds it will send both emails?  Unless i can find a way to state when the breakout board is close for more than 10,5 sec and less than 11.5 ??

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