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Twine Integrated to Enterprise Notification System

The company I work for, xMatters, offer enterprise notification system. We deliver carrier-grade email, SMS, voice, fax, etc.

We have a cool program for employees that we call "555". It was inspired by Google's 20% Time to allow us to pick fun projects we would like to explore. The fives represent:

* It happens every 5th of the month or thereabouts - you get the whole day to explore whatever you want.
* It amounts to approximately 5% of an engineer's working life.
* On the morning following, each engineer has 5 minutes to demo what they created on their day.

I have been watching the Twine for awhile and thought it would be the perfect marriage: easy to setup sensor's, and carrier-grade alerts.

Instead of re-documenting everything here, you can see my work by going to:

And one other note: my original intent was to use an existing service like IFTTT, COSM, Tarpipe or one of the other ETL providers out there to get this done, but it became apparent that our (and everybody else's) reliance on REST leaves a gap. We all speak REST and JSON, but none of our JSON lines up. Nobody it seems provides a simple ability to define a template JSON message with variable replacement as an integration block (anyone want to do a startup with me?). So I wrote some simple, likely flawed, PHP code as glue between Twine's GET and our POST. Follow the blog post above to our community for the source if you would like it to integrate your Twine to other REST services

I had a lot of fun playing with Twine - thank you guys for the platform!



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