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Save Rules Without Twine Connected to Internet

On a few occasions I have done some work on my rulesets while the actual Twine is offline. It is very difficult to see if these rulesets are saving when I press the button I sometimes get a message saying it will update in 120 minutes and sometimes I don't. And I have lost rules in these situations. Can we get the ability to save a ruleset in the account even if the Twine is offline (if it doesn't already function that way)?


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  • Actually, as I keep using it, it seems that only the first save works (which triggers the "Turn me over..." message). If the Twine isn't connected, any subsequent save appears to be ignored unless you reload the page first and then add your rules. I have lost my rules a few times this way by making a change, saving, and then adding more rules which can't be saved.

    I have tested this behavior in both Safari and Chrome.
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