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log notification to google sheet using google form

trying to log historical temp data and in my quest i realized you can easily log events to a google sheet:

1) go to gdocs and create a Form

2) edit the form and add a "question" of type "text" for every dimension you want to log

3) view the live form and look at the source code and look for something like: form action="" method="POST" id="ss-form"

4) grab the url for the action

5) look for something like: input type="text" name="entry.0.single" value="" class="ss-q-short" id="entry_0" for each question

6) append "&" + the name of the form element + "=" to the action url. like so:

7) cut and past that into a url shortener

8) create rule with http call and throw that url shorty in there

you could also multiple params/questions to the url before you shorten is like which twine it is or what the trigger/rule is

this didn't end up helping me on my quest but it works. i want a nice RESTful api i can poll to get data or have a time-based rule option and not a threshold-based rule type only

loving the hardware though!


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