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UK Orange Email-SMS Gateway simply does not work.

Unless someone else knows the secret...


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  • I am on EE so Orange/TMobile and had the same problem and unfortunately when contacting Supermechanical I was told that some providers are not supported because of the way they provide (or not in this case) email to sms services.
    It is really disappointing and needs to be pointed out a bit clearer as this was one of the reasons I bought a Twine and at least for the time being it cannot be done.
    One thing though if you are just on Orange you may be able to send to replacing number with your mobile number. See this link -
  • Nope, that doesn't work either...
  • I have the same problem in Australia - and I'm also disappointed that it wasn't made clear that SMS may not work outside of some US telcos. SMS alerting on events is the main reason I got this, I don't check my emails all the time.
    Apparently there are some paid gateway services that are available, I think I'll look into that, but was hoping this would work out of the box.
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