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How does the twine decide when to update the server with new data?

Could someone share with us the logic or algorithm that the twine uses to update the server with new data?

Usually when I go to the twine dashboard website it says that the twine last updated 45 or 50 minutes ago. So then I'll flip it onto it's side, expecting that a change in orientation would cause it to update, but it doesn't.
This is especially surprising since I have an rule that is supposed to cause an email on an orientation change.


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  • I am having a similar issue - trying to get a text message when change in orientation is from top to bottom. Test text message works but do not get a text message when orientation is changed. Change in orientation shows with minimum time delay in dashboard but no text message is generated.

  • I resolved my problem. "Save to Twine" was not saving using an older wireless laptop testbed running XP. Logged in to account via a non wireless desktop running Win 7 and was able to save rules using "Save to Twine" button. Now receiving text messages on iPhone.

  • The twine is having all sorts of networking issues. Last I heard from them a couple of weeks ago they were still working on this. Haven't heard back for a while so I hope that is still true. As of right now, my Twine will connect just fine for a few hours here and there, and then randomly fall off the network for several hours (up to a whole day once) and then suddenly start connecting again every 45-135 seconds.

    I don't have this problem with any other devices on my network, so presumably there is a solution if only they can find it.
  • That would certainly explain the unpredictable behavior I see in it's updating. What a shame.
  • I just set mine up for the first time.  It updates every 45 seconds when upside down for a few minutes, then never updates again...or at least I don't feel like waiting to find out when it will, after 30 minutes.
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