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How do i use http request?


i am trying to get my twine to call my own custom URL in order to log its activity. something like
however, whenever i click on test URL, it always returns an error. I have tested the URL manually and it works fine.

what do i need to do to make twine call the URL correctly?

thanks lots


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  • Hi Ben-

    Is the URL you are trying to use publicly accessible, or only available on your local network? It will need to be publicly accessible in order to work with Twine.

  • seems that only the "when" part of the ruleset is transmitted to your twine. it then communicates with where the decision is made what to do with the trigger. that's why a private url won't work, as the request is nit sent by your twine but by
  • Wow that makes the HTTP request much less useful than I thought it would be for in house sensor reporting.
  • Yes, I guess I have a similar question. 

    I have A Twine attached to a fence and I would like to log every-time the vibration sensor trips.    Right now I get an email, but it would seem easy for an HTTP requesrt.   DROPBOX allows you to have a simple public website and I was hoping to just build a log that would post the time date temp of the gate.

    Is there someplace inside Twine where I can get instructions for this?

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