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Going back to default settings?

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I'm going to give my Twine to a friend, but don't want my information linked to it. How do I clear all the account information linked to my Twine, so it is basically a clean slate for a new owner?




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  • Agree. I want to RMA my Twine, but don't want to ship my WiFi password.
    It needs a Master Reset.
  • That's a good question!
    There seems to be no way that I can find of deleting a Twine account. On the other hand, the Twine can only "remember" one WiFi connection, so connecting it to another network will wipe out the settings for the 1st one. But, and I haven't experimented with this, but intend to, will connecting to some other WiFi network connect the Twine with the account of the original owner? I suspect it does.
    You can try deleting all of the information in your account, and "saving" that, but I suspect that will not be permitted. The alternate is after connecting to your friend's network, you edit all the account information to the new owner's values.
    But, maybe this is another "to do" for the Supermechanical team.
  • Basically same questin here: I bought 2 Twines, but realized I only have use for one. Now I have a friend, who'd like to have a twine, too. Any way to resister one Twine to a new Account?
  • I have the exact same question / problem....any response on how to do this? Thanks!
  • Bump again.  I've already sold mine and the buyer is obviously annoyed that he can't use the product that he's purchased.
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