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Not sending email or Text intermently

I am new to Twine. I love the concept of the product. I have successfully got communication with my network and the dashboard will always show the proper state of the Temp, Orientation & Moisture Sensor. If I make an change to these 3 it will show up almost immediately on the web dashboard.
My question is why sometimes my rules are not followed. I have the moisture sensor set when wet to text & email. This works sometimes and sometimes does not. Always the light on the device is triggered and the dashboard shows the change but it seems most of the time I do not get a notification. I have tried to figure out why it will sometimes and not other times but have not had any success in understanding.
I have also used the other items like breakout board & magnetic and have same hit & miss results.
I know the email & text are correct addresses as I sometimes get messages when I do testing.
I have looked through the forum discussions and don't see exactly this issue.


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  • I got this to work properly today. I worked with supermechanical support and found out that my brand new Twine had an older version of firmware from Oct 2012. They updated my Twine to the Nov 15th version of FW and it is now working flawlessly on sending notification with both email & text.
    To see the firmware version there is a trick in the dashboard to hover over your Twine Name in the upper left and it will show you what firmware you are running. If you have more than one Twine make sure you are hovering over the correct one.

    Just wanted to let anyone know who is looking for a similar issue
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