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LED too bright - easily fixed

If you find the LED too bright, it's easy to change the current limit resistor to dull it a little. Providing you have some skill with a soldering iron, a very fine tip, and preferably some experience with SMD devices.

R6 is the offending resistor, it's an "0603" size. It's 75ohm originally, I replaced mine with a 560ohm "0805" because I had one handy and it still fit over the pads. However you could easily go to 1Kohm and it'll be plenty bright for most situations (maybe not in direct sunlight though.

This mod will also reduce the current draw of the device, although only by a small amount, every bit helps!

A bit of red electrical tape over the LED and now I have a red(ish) LED instead of white, easier to see. Use any colour tape you wish though.
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