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How to obtain the firmware update

Does anyone know how to obtain the firmware update?

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  • Go to your usual TWINE access page (the one where you set rules), and hover over the name of your twine. It'll bring up a box with the Firmware version in it. If it's Nov 15th then you have the latest so far.

    As for what it covers, that's not accurately documented. I expect they'll put up a change-log at some stage. Some connection issues have been sorted out that's for sure.

    Do some searches through the forums, there are many discussions identifying how this is done, and what things appear to have been fixed.
  • Paul -

    Thanks, I'm current. Is it just me (probably...) or is there a way to link back to the access page that I'm just missing. A link up at the top of the discussion board would be handy.

  • No link back, just make yourself a shortcut.
  • Thanks for the help here. I emailed Supermechanical and they updated the Twine the next day and now it functions properly. It would "sleep" after 10-15 minutes before the update.
  • My twine isn't sleeping and it is on the Oct 3rd release. Do they have a link now to get the update pushed or do I have to e-mail them?
  • Don & Jason, all the answers are above.
  • They do seem very good at sending updates out when requested. I suspect they're only updating the requested ones at this stage, as it keeps the workload lower with less people asking about the changes and new stuff.

    So I urge people to only update if they're having problems, at least just for now. Once the firmware is more tested and stable, I think it'll be generically rolled out to everyone without having to ask for it.

    They're doing a pretty good job I think.
  • Paul -

    How can one determine what firmware version is running, and, what does the update cover?

    Thanks - Don
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