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  • No fail here! I got mine to monitor for water leaking in my father-in-law's basement. Three email rules: temp drops below 50, orientation to back (if someone is flips it over messing with it) and email if water. Sure the battery life sucks so I have a USB charger plugged in.

    We're a society where we expect everything to be as cheap as WalMart but work like Mil-grade.

    The guys at Twine have done an excellent job. And I'm looking forward to the updates for new features. I'd like a simple "ping" or "keep alive" notification rule.
  • For those of you for whom it's actually working, that's great. For the rest of us, it is beyond frustrating to have paid for, and spent hours trying to debug, a device with flaws that they are aware of and might fix someday but who knows when, or even if.

    If one of you for whom it is working great wants to buy a second one, I think I'm ready to sell. Personally I think they should stand behind their product and offer to repurchase it from those of us for whom it is clear it will not work for a long time, if at all, but they have said they won't do that.
  • On top of all the networking problems I am having, I am finding that the Twine doesn't fire rules when it is supposed to, and fires spurious ones.  Today I moved the twine, and instead of firing on the orientation change it fired the rule that says the temperature had gone up (which was not the case).  In addition, it sent the email but did not send the text I had requested.

  • I am very happy with mine. Has been very reliable. Battery life very good.
  • ok than supermechanical should come out and say putting our device to monitor critical situations than caveat emptor until we feel this device is more than a hobby diy device.
  • BTW I am using eneloop rechargeable batteries. Have only swapped twice since receiving (I received at start of shipping). Using as a door sensor with mag switch for a door we use often daily.
  • i had updated to v.1.2 last week. As you are all aware from my first post, I had reported that my batteries last only about 2 weeks (more like 11 days).

    Now my batteries last 6 days.

  • And, by the way, "" isn't working for at least 30 minutes right now...
  • I'm going to return my twine this week. Christina from tech support promised me the November modem firmware update 10 days ago (which is supposed to take care of my connection issues) and I'm still waiting. Even worse: all my emails asking for a status update on the issue have been left unanswered. That's jut crazy.

    Ayways, so happy that I ordered from Amazon so that my best experience with the twine will be the hassle free return. Should've listened to all the 1-star review on amazon. I sure will be adding mine.

    Ciao (for now) and good luck you guys!
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