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Notifications not forthcoming but Twine eventually wakes up

I received my Twine yesterday. I live in the UK so I was probably one of the last to get it. I wanted to share some of the experience of getting my test setup going. My goal with this Twine (i.e for now at least) is to monitor my front door. A few years ago I accidentally left my front door open and went to work. I arrived at work and realised I did not have my house keys. I had left the house keys in the door and left the door open. I had never done this before but I swore it would never happen again. That was about 5 years ago and its never happened again but everyday I do the **touch pockets feel for keys** routine before I leave home. I want Twine to be my door monitor. I want an email or text (i.e text is preferred) when the door is opened and closed. Thats the story anyway.

I unpacked the Twine and was impressed with the packaging its just awesome. Great work with it. I setup the Twine and connected it to my Wifi all with no hitches. First 30 minutes I ran some tests with the built in sensors. It worked great.

Then the Twine went to sleep and became unresponsive. It did not wake up when I changed orientation, it just did nothing at all. I left it and went to bed. This morning it was working and alert. Something tells me that the first few hours for the Twine are a bit slow. Perhaps its running software updates on itself ? Not sure but it definitely is not responsive. I searched around looking for answers when I found none I just left it to do it's thing and I am glad because today it works.

There are some bad parts.

Twine does not support Vodafone which is also the biggest mobile network in the UK.

HTTP requests have a MAX character limit. Why do you limit the amount of characters a HTTP request can have. Had you not done that I could have been up and running with Twilio. We need more documentation regarding your reasoning to limit HTTP request characters.

Finally my Twine does not always send notifications, I setup the LED to trigger when the door opens to make sure my setup was ok. My setup is ok but notifications are not always forthcoming. [edit] Since writing this I have opened/closed the door numerous times and received notifications each time.

Overall I am happy with my Twine its simple and functional and if I can get notifications working like clock work I will be very happy.



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  • My twine is on the ball now. Been testing it since my last message and getting a great deal of feedback from it now. Really keen to make a permanent solution for my door monitor now. Now looking for some ideas on a neat way of packaging the circuit board and magnet.
  • Tass, I had a similar unresponsive TWINE issue. A firmware update sorted mine out, so it's interesting that yours just got better by itself.
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