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Twine Garage Door Monitoring Project (REVISIT)

In my previous article ( I demonstrated how to use the Twine to monitor the state of a garage door and send alert notifications via text (SMS) or email if the door had been left open for a certain period of time. In that article/project we used the built-in orientation sensor in the Twine and the Twine mounted directly to the garage door to determine garage door state. While this was a simple and elegant solution there a certain practical issues for a long term garage monitoring solution that this project did not really address.

I have published a new article/project using Twine along with external overhead door sensors to monitor the state of multiple garage doors and it has the additional benefit of being able to be locally powered and not rely solely on batteries.


Happy Twining!


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  • Nice posts, thanks for sharing. I'm using my twine in the same way as your first article. We'll see how quickly I get tired of changing batteries! ;-)
  • Thanks for checking out the project. Om my Christmas tree twine project, I received a low battery alert about two weeks ago. I figured I'd just let it run to see how long it can last.
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