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How long should it take for Twine to detect a change in orientation?

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Just got my twine yesterday and set it to trigger when our garage door is open more than 1200sec. Doesn't seem to be working properly.

09:30: Opened garage door
10:15: Still no emails and twine website still shows door as closed
~10:20: Twine website finally displays that door is open. No email yet, assume that the 1200sec starts now
11:00: Still no email from Twine :-( Yes, I checked spam folder.

I'm hoping I misunderstood the configuration but it seems hard to get this wrong:

When orientation changes to back
- trigger after 1200 seconds in this orientation
- reset 1 second after this has been triggered

Any ideas? Thanks!

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  • I see changes in orientation in less than 5 seconds on the web site, and an email notification a few seconds after that.
    When you define your rules, have the LED shine when your rule activates. You can then look at the Twine and change its orientation and see visually if the rule fired.


  • Thanks for the advice, I'll update the rule and give it a shot!
  • Found the issue. It was the "reset 1 second after this has been triggered".

    I assume this meant "after the 1200 seconds are up" but it actually means "after the orientation changes the rules first triggers". Because of the reset, the email was never sent.

    Now it seems to run fine!
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