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Twine Status app for Android

OK, here's a very simple app that you can download to your android phone or tablet. It's called Twine Status, and it took me longer to think up the name than it did to create the app. The app was created in about 5 minutes with the help of, and it renders the Twine Dashboard page just like a real browser would, but you don't have all the features of a real browser. You can follow the links to Rules, Discussions, etc. but you can't open them in new tabs like a browser might.

Why use it? Decide for yourself. Once you enter your email address and password Twine Status is a quick and easy way to get to the dashboard. It's especially easier on a smartphone. You could do the same thing by opening a browser but that means entering the URL or finding a bookmark. Tapping the app on your screen is quicker. I have not put this app on Google Play because it's just not very sophisticated and has limited appeal, and I'm sure someone with programming talent will come up with something better.

To get the app, first go to security settings on your device and make sure to allow installs from unknown sources. Then use a browser on your device and go to to download the .apk file. Once it is downloaded you may be prompted to install the app, or you may have to select the apk file from your download folder to initiate the install.

Once installed, give it a try and leave some feedback here if you think it is worth the price. Also, be sure to turn off accepting apps from unknown sources so you don't get a lot of unwanted junk.


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  • Nice idea, but it doesn't work for me. It just brings up the twine web page in my android browser, and that doesn't show the values of the monitored parameters. In fact, it says my twine hasn't been heard from, but its fine with firefox on the desktop.
  • Ellis, while I can't explain why the app doesn't give the same results as another browser, I can say that I've seen the same thing happen with different browsers. One will show the results and the other will say twine hasn't been heard of.

    It would be interesting to know if the app does eventually produce correct results for you. As far as I know it is just performing the same html functions as a real browser.
  • I just downloaded Opera for android, and it works with the twine dashboard. If I download your app, will it still try to use the android browser, or is there some way to get it to use opera?
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