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Static number to receive texts from?

@ night I have my iPhone go into privacy mode, but I can have certain messages etc... ring through. Problem is, I seem to get Twine messages from a different number each time, and it doesn't appear to be a standard # of digits either (?). Is there anything I can do to get around this?


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  • Agree- it appears that the last digit = counter of times messaged. Other than that it's something interestingly variable. Would love a constant number also.
  • I worked on quite a few workarounds, even going as far as having my twine email my google voice account and then trying to get my google voice account to text my phone... I tried all sorts of things and was still unable to do that.

    Eventually, my solution (in iOS) was to create a contact for twine, use twines email, and add that to the VIP list which can have custom notification settings.
  • Any one else have an idea?
  • This seems to be a new one-up text number service. I've gotten text messages from 410-000-[one up number] from different sources now. It would be nice for one number to be used.
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