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One way to get iPhone Push Notifications from Twine

You can use Prowl. Look for them at:

You install the app on your iphone. Then use their API to send pushes and you get the notification on your iphone.
What I did was create a simple php web app that used prowl API. So when a twine rule was triggered, I called this web page, the web page called the API with my custom message and prowl pushes the message to my iphone as a notification. Give it a try.

Example Image in notification center:

I'm sure there are other ways, but this one seemed good for now. I am just trying to avoid text to my phone ;)


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  • It's pretty easy.
    Get the app from the app store.
    Register for a userid and password.
    Sign in at the prowl site and then go to the "API Keys" page and request an API Key.

    This key then forms the email address to have the Twine send the email to (ex:
  • you should buy the prowl application from app store and you have to register in this site once you registered ...login with your account details you have a options in right side of the site API Keys click on that and click generate your key and copy and paste it into your twine email .;
  • OK, this will work.
    But, why should we, the Twine buyers, have to get this creative to make THEIR device work? We don't need work-arounds, we just need their stuff to work.
  • Could someone provide an example of this? I am pretty much a noob when it comes to these things. I have prowl account and generated an API key, what would the php page look like and the http request through twine
  • Fabian, this sounds great.
    Also interested to know the code to get this working for myself too.
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