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wifi geo lookup

An android phone can work out where it is geographicly by looking up the SSID of the nearby wifi nodes, and dialing home to google's lookup tables/service.

Being able to report:
A. What wifi network the twine is currently on. and
B. The list of nearby wifi nodes (mac addresses, ssid) would enable something similar.

Thoughts guys?


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  • Also scheduled get/post requests to 'click' on the accept terms and conditions of public wifi AP would be useful too.
  • All that would be very nice, but Twine is a low power (both computationally and electrically) device that is designed to do some very limited things. Think how much y our phone would cost you if you didn't also buy into a data plan for usually 3 years; and think of how long your phone runs on its batteries, and then compare that to Twine's cost of around $100, and battery life of perhaps 25 to 30 days.
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