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Simple Timer/Reminder Functionality


Have the TWINE act as a simple timer for reminders. Use orientation of front and back to start and stop the timer. Could be in seconds, minutes, hours, etc based on UI. User can check the timer online in web format. MAYBE the LED flashes with countdown clock, maybe it doesn't to save power. Maybe it's a toggled config variable ...


0. User configures TWINE to reminder/timer mode. Enters in seconds/minutes/hours to countdown.
1. User flips TWINE to front to start timer. Email/SMS/etc is sent to confirm the countdown has begun. Web interface will show the countdown.
2. Timer begins and will SMS/email/etc user when timer is expired ...
3. If user flips TWINE over before timer is done, timer is paused.
4. If timer expires, SMS/email/etc is sent.
5. If user shakes the TWINE, it's reset?

This is just off the top of my head, but perhaps it can be made better or more simple.

Thanks for listening.

-sj/C90 at Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA


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  • This would be great for non-critical timing, ie. to the nearest minute or so, like; go check the roast in the oven. Wouldn't work well for timing your favourite horse at the races. But for crude timing, I'd vote yes on this one, and it probably can be done in software.
    One question however, all these good thing ultimately occupy memory in the Twine, both ROM and for this one, RAM. Does anyone know just how much memory there is in a current Twine, and how much of it is used by the current functionality?
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