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Get rid of the delay when saving rules

Each time I want to save a new rule I get something like this "Saving rules...Turn me over to load rules now or wait 62 minutes." This is a little ridiculous when I'm nowhere near my Twine -- I'm a work now, my twine is home. Either get rid of the delay or add a "save now" button. What's the reason for the delay?

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  • To save power, Twine only calls home to see if you have new rules for it every 120 minutes. If you are near your Twine, you can immediately load rules by flipping it on its back.
  • I was wondering the same thing. My Twine is still reporting status at much more frequent intervals, but when I save rules I often see a huge wait time (a whopping 114 minutes when I tried it just now). For an Internet-connected device it seems a shame to have to physically pick it up and turn it upside down to get it to update quickly.
  • I spoke too soon - despite the message re. waiting 114 minutes, it actually updated within 5 minutes. So maybe this is a reporting issue.
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