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Don't assume the supplied batteries are charged....

There was some initial stumbling, muttering, verbal abuse and incantations until I switched batteries. Twine would briefly light thence go dark. I had assumed it (she? - he?, I've not decided yet...) was operating properly but could not log in. Got confusing until changed out the supplied batteries with new ones (received mine today).

All is well, just doodling with it at this point.


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  • I just want mine to work consistently. I'll take future additions later. Right now I have a nice piece of pale green rubber that occasionally transmits data, but not reliably.
  • I have suggested to Twine that they need to provide two functionality signals; one a battery check, the other an connected to WiFi indication.

    Given that they desperately need to conserve battery power, my suggestion was the following:

    * get the accelerometer/vibration thingy working;
    * then, when Twine is rapped on a hard surface 3 times, flash the LED twice if it is connected to WiFi, once if it is not.

    That will tell you two things that are presently not apparent; you are connected, and your batteries are good!

  • same with me. the supplied batteries were bunko within 20 min.
  • Isn't the battery status notification evidence enough that there is a wi-fi connection? How else would the battery status be received?
  • True, but the whole idea of Twine is that it can be remote from your computer, and if I take it to somewhere else in the house, should I have to run back to the computer to see that it's still connected, rather than being able to check at the remote location that it will work there.
  • I understand your remote location situation, but an still confused. If you would like a notification that twine is connected to wi-fi, then wouldn't the dashboard confirm that, assuming that you are seeing the battery updates every minute or so? It sounds like you want to poll the device and get an answer back - something many want but I don't think it's presently implemented. At the moment it's only driven by a stimulus.

    I'm beginning to wonder if my twine is working correctly, since I never see more than 45 seconds since its last report, and I haven't touched/moved it for days. It never goes into a long pause between reports, so I never wonder if it's still connected.
  • Much simpler - I want to be able to take the Twine to somewhere and be able to see if it is still connected there, ie. I can do something with it there, without having to leave it and run back to the computer to see if it's still connected.
  • The way I understand it, if you take your twine to a location with a different wi-fi network, you have to run it through setup again, and you will need a PC or tablet, etc. to do that. If you're only moving it to somewhere else within the network its already setup for, the light sequence should let you know it's connected.
  • I have three access points in my house, each with the same SSID but different channels (1, 7 and 12). Looking at the Twine static IP setup procedure, I see each channel as a separate network. Not good. Twine should see these channels as a single network and switch between them, according to signal strength.
  • Bill, you are not getting it - I want to know when I have moved my Twine out of my ONE network's range by some indication on the Twine, and not having to move the little bugger two more feet, and run back to the computer to see if it still connected.

    Thomas - see other posts; extenders, no matter the SSID they are broadcasting, are different networks.
  • I thought the knowledge base answer in my link above about blinking lights answered that question. If the light is pulsing it is trying to make contact with the network. If it gives three quick flashes it failed to make the connection. Isn't that what you want to know?
  • @Thomas Costick, I have the exact same network setup. Twine sees 3 separate SSIDs, even though they match. And I cannot get it to reliably connect to any of them. Even when setting up 18 inches from one of the access points. Setup seems to go fine: I join \|| TWINE network, setup it up on my home network, and flip it back over. As soon as I finish, it blinks slowly 3 times (trying to connect), then quickly 3 times (failing to connect).
  • If you have a smartphone, Tablet etc then you can use that to monitor your connection?
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