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Eric Falsken


Eric Falsken
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  • I took my batteries out a while ago. plugged them back in today to get the vibration update, and everything was happy. When you put them in again, let the light blink and such. Then, after a minute, flip the Twine upside-down. If the light is blinki…
  • It's also worth pointing out that this type of water sensor will only trigger if the contacts are connected by a solid body of water. It will not trigger if it gets splashed. Also, the contacts will corrode fairly quickly in most rain water or salt …
  • Just use some Sugru. Pack it around the electronic bits and let it dry. You'll have yourself a waterproof sensor in no time! Note that you should mold the 3.5mm cable into it for it to be truly waterproof. Get some here:…

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