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Stacy Olivas


Stacy Olivas
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  • Take a look at the post several replies up. I've gone ahead and written a plugin for my Vera 3 ZWave Home Automation controller that lets me poll the twine and use things like its temperate in applications. Just another hack along the same lines as …
  • You could always code something yourself to monitor it. I've actually taken the Vera 3 home automation system, and made a plugin to link the twine to it.  It can be set to poll the twine at a specified interval, saving all the data from the device t…
  • gs_version = radio firmware version date  (hover over your twine, the date here will match that shown in radio version) age = how long it has been since the twine last submitted an update ts = ?? possibly a timestamp for something? last_poll = ?
    in API Comment by Stacy Olivas July 2013
  • For those who have a Vera 3 from MiCasaVerde, I just created a plugin for the unit that will poll the twine.  It saves the values in variables that can be retrieved later, and you can also request for a value to be returned when the polling function…
  • Ok, you have to change the url to use for it to report the items properly again.
    in API Comment by Stacy Olivas June 2013
  • Hmm, I wonder if something changed again. Just noticed that the wget is returning most of the information except everything in the values section is blank. Any ideas?
    in API Comment by Stacy Olivas June 2013
  • Ok, the URL I had used above, taken from the original post, will no longer work.  You will need to change the line in the script that pulls the JSON data to: /usr/local/bin/wget -o /tmp/log.txt --quiet -O /tmp/temp.txt --load-cookies cookies.txt --n…
  • The URL listed above to pull the data down will no longer work.. To get the JSON data, you need to use: This just changed. The old method above will give you an error.
    in API Comment by Stacy Olivas March 2013
  • Hmm, never mind.  The URL I had was different.  Strange.
    in API Comment by Stacy Olivas March 2013
  • You can always use the JSON data directly giving the status of the twine.  Take a look here for a few ideas on using it:
  • Looks like the link to fetch the JSON data from your twine is now dead.
    in API Comment by Stacy Olivas March 2013
  • Try modifying the script here for scraping the info. Here is a version I did using the script and to store the data/trigger events. http://community.supermechani…
  • Gary, you can put it on a server anywhere in the world.  The twine doesn't do anything with the script, it only reports the temperature to the site.  The script is run via a cron job and scrapes the twine's status and then upl…
  • Gary,I've done something similar to what you are asking, using a bash shell script, and Airgramapp's push notification service. Here is how it works: 1.  Use the script from this post, with some slight modifications (checks e…
  • I've taken the script above and have the temperature (just the first two digits, since it temp is returned as a four digit number) sent to a channel on ThingSpeak.  I then have React and ThingHTTP setup to use the Airgram push service (like…

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