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Robert Pettengill


Robert Pettengill
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  • Just checking in hoping for a miracle...  I do have some data on battery life with the new software.  I'm about 30' from my router - corner to corner line of site across the living room.  I have a single rule - vibration to detect if my screen door …
  • I'm thinking that the only features that Twine offers that differentiates itself from much less expensive competition was that it promised ease of use with practical battery powered operation.  If I've got to plug it in and futz with it, I'm going t…
  • I just got my first battery warning after just 6 days.  Looks like there is a lot of work to do there still.
  • Finally the functionality is there, now to get it reliable.  The vibration sensor works most of the time, but sometimes when I should get a notification I don't even though I'm sure it registered because I see the light on the twine light up.  The o…
  • Thanks, these sound like a great step towards what we were promised.  I look forward to giving my Twine a try again when these are released.
  • Unless they get the battery life out beyond 3 months, I'm at a loss to see any use for the Twine that can't be done better and much less expensively with the Raspberry Pi. Do they have the vibration sensor working yet or is it still just the dumb w…
  • You can get a raspberry pi for $25
  • The sad thing is, that given the completely closed nature of the device and the services it needs, we can't help in resolving any of the deficiencies that keep it from having a useful function. I'm thinking that the best thing is to stop wasting ba…
  • Could we be given the option of setting the battery threshold so that we can adjust for the type of batteries that we use?
  • I'm seeing the same thing, SMS does not work at all to my AT&T US 10 digit number. Good to know that email works.
  • I've set up high and low alerts so that I can turn off or on my whole house fan. It should be better if I could specify that the alert only be triggered if the them was rising or falling when a particular temp is reached. lets me do that,…

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