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Scott Walker


Scott Walker
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  • I had the same issue with my magswitch -- working intermittently or not at all. Finally examined the cable and discovered that it could not be seated fully into the socket without holding it in. Compared the cable to one off another external sensor,…
  • I have the older version (iCruiser imp1000) of these that I use for keeping phones, tablets, and whatnot alive on trips:…
  • I'm on AT&T also, and unfortunately this seems to be just the way AT&T works. Anything coming through their email-to-sms gateway gets treated like that. I've got some other things besides Twine that sms me like that, and the same thing happe…
  • If it's just to poll, I've thought about whipping something up in Python, using Beautiful Soup, to scrape the Twine data off the web site. Just don't poll too often (no point in more often than once per minute), that'd be rude....

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