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Ryan Maule


Ryan Maule
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  • Next go make a new Temperature rule that triggers when the Temp rises above 0 degrees, triggers after 0 seconds, and resets after 60 seconds (if you want an update every 60 seconds). I think I have those settings right. Have it post to your url an…
  • While waiting for PUT support from Twine, I wrote a php curl script to handle receiving a single datapoint and sending it to Cosm. You'll need to register at Cosm and create a feed and datastream for this to work. If you have a php server, you c…
  • On iOS, if you bookmark and send it to your home screen, you get a nice icon and the site works in full screen - not bad. The page itself could use some iOS (especially iphone/ipod) specific layout work.
  • Event log would be a must for so many projects. Being able to graph out the twine's experience turns it into more than just a trigger or alarm device. These days storage is cheap, it's being able to retrieve the data that's the challenge. I'd be …

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